FEND-OFF® Extra Heavy Duty Concrete Pile Dock Bumper
FEND-OFF® Extra Heavy Duty Concrete Pile Dock Bumper

FEND-OFF® Extra Heavy Duty Concrete Pile Dock Bumper

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Extra Heavy Duty fenders for boats up to 150' mounted on 2 x 6 recycled plastic lumber These fenders are designed for vessels up to 150’ in length. This system provides maximum protection for the berthing of large yachts against concrete. They are available in black in lengths from 2’ to 10’.
Protecting your boat’s finish is an important consideration when it comes to not only owning but storing your boat. Dock bumpers, such as Fend Off dock fenders, give you peace of mind with the knowledge that you are protecting the investment you’ve made in your boat. Our extra heavy dock duty fenders are designed for boats up to 150’ in length and provide the maximum of protection for berthing large yachts against concrete. While boat dock bumpers can be made from a variety of materials ranging from vinyl, PVC, rubber and foam, our extra heavy duty bumpers are mounted on 2x6 recycled plastic lumber. Our products are made of 100% certified prime UV stabilized flexible PVC, and are designed to take wear and tear and hold up to the elements. Dock bumpers and fenders may seem to some like an afterthought, but they are actually a very important aspect of proper boat care. While nothing can absolutely guarantee no damage will come to your boat, taking precautions such as buying the correct bumper type for your berthing situation will cost less to you in the long run, because you will have fewer and less costly maintenance on your boat or yacht. The extra heavy duty fender is designed mostly for concrete piling, but can be used effectively anywhere that extra heavy duty fenders are needed. This product is available in black, and in a variety of sizes, including 6’, 8’, and 10’. The extra heavy duty fender is designed for boats up to 150’ in length. Our products are resistant to marring, and are unaffected by water, salt, oil, gasoline, and marine boring creatures. Dock fenders and bumpers are made for a variety of situations and meant to be used with a variety of materials. Cost for a dock bumper can vary depending on the materials used, the size of the bumper, and other factors including its warranty. High quality fenders, such as Fend Off dock fenders, provide a lasting and visually pleasing way to make sure that your boat is safe from scuffs and scratches that lead to greater damage and the need for more frequent repair and overhaul. Investing in the best quality dock bumper you can afford will pay dividends over time, saving you money for years to come. Fend Off dock fenders are an important accessory for your boat berthing needs. They are made in the USA, of quality materials like UV stabilized flexible PVC and recycled plastic lumber dock mountings. Our high performance materials are designed so that they will last for years—our warranty extends to three years, but our products continue to provide protection for far longer. The material that your dock bumper is made of is an important thing to consider. Different dock materials require different bumper and fender materials—and while providing greater protection than your dock needs is an excellent idea, it is unwise to purchase a bumper that offers less support and protection from collision than the material of your dock. For example, while rubber and vinyl may be effective for preventing damage to your boat from wood docks, concrete piling necessitates a greater degree of protection. Recycled plastic dock lumber mounting is an environmentally friendly and durable material—more durable than traditional wood, and much more sustainable than virgin plastic production, it is naturally water resistant and is free from chemical additives and preservatives, and does not leech caustic or harmful chemicals into the water the way that many other materials often do. Fend Off dock fenders provide you with the protection that you need for an affordable price. Our bumpers are an important product to use in preventing your cherished boat or yacht from being damaged. We use the best of materials and superior design to ensure that you will get as much use as humanly possible before you have to replace your dock bumper. Boat dock bumpers are an important investment for the ongoing care of your boat. It’s important to make sure that you are getting the best possible value that you can for the investment you are making. Make the correct choice—get a boat bumper that gives you the protection that your boat deserves.