Tide Slides - 1 1/2" Shaft

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Protect your dock with hurricane-proven systems that work on any tie-up slide. It can also tie up on one side where you don’t need to line them up with a cleat, or struggle with constant maintenance. TideSlides provide you with a way to safeguard while you tie-up securely and tightly, but offer easy in and out line handling. No more slack lines or complex setups—just a straightforward way to secure your boat where you want it in the slip. TideSlides can be mounted on the sides of piling in a position parallel to the boat to increase strength and limit any chances of impact. They’re some of the best options to secure your favorite boat or make it easy for customers to stay safe in your marina. Safer tie-up, more secure mooring, and simple use, make TideSlides from Marina Products & Equipment your best choice. If you are looking for a different size, call us for pricing and ordering. We’ll help you right away!
Choose this TideSlides option to properly secure boats 31" to 50" or 15,000 to 50,000 lbs. You’ve found the right selection for your larger mooring and tie-up needs with a system that’s proven to keep personal and commercial vessels safe. TideSlides are protecting navy ships, ferries, pilot vessels, and large commercial operations. We’ll deliver a fully engineered platform that gives you extra strength when you face winds, waves, tides, and more. Don’t damage your pier or your vessel with these systems that easily and quickly adapt to whatever you’re working with today. Why choose TideSlides from Marina Products & Equipment? Because you get all of this and more:
  • Works on any tie-up- slips, side ties, and floating docks!
  • Hurricane proven reliability
  • No maintenance required
  • Easy in & out line handling
  • No more slack lines
  • Built-in line hook
  • Self-adjusting to match your boats
  • Solid stainless steel construction for long-lasting protection
  • UV stabilized with a super-strength polymer mooring block
  • Sizes available for any boat
Call us today to get the best pricing on TideSlides options of any size.