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Standard Mooring Whips

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Keep your dock and customers happy by protecting boats up to 33" with a leading mooring whip from Marina Products & Equipment. Each pole comes with a fixed angle base so that it can safeguard equipment including runabouts, center consoles, ski boats, and bass boats—hitched up with traditional mooring conditions. It’s always possible to protect what’s in your marina, and we’ll help you do that with high-quality whips that are especially designed for straightforward mounting and use. Our standard mooring whips package comes with two bases and poles, nylon lines with tension adjusters, dock lines, and a complete mounting kit. It’s the right security your personal dock or major marina needs to secure your assets.
Get the protection you need, right away. Standard mooring whips are made from a solid, sea-worthy fiberglass and cut to specific lengths with a precise taper so that you can use them with a wide range of boats, vessels, and equipment setups. Choose 12", 14", or 16" to meet your most in-demand sizes and match it to your most common customers. Every whip we provide is marine-grade, so you can use it in a variety of different scenarios no matter what’s mooring at your location. Plus, ask us about take-apart couplers to make it all easier and stronger for what you need. Your standard mooring whips kit will include:
  • two standard bases
  • two solid fiberglass poles
  • two 1/4” nylon lines with tension adjusters
  • four spliced dock lines
  • wood dock mounting bolt kit
  • installation and care instructions

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All Whips will be shipped with Take Apart Coupler for shipping purposes