Broward Casting™ Wharf Light - Cape Cod
Broward Casting™ Wharf Light - Cape Cod

Broward Casting™ Wharf Light - Cape Cod

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Create the perfect ambiance with these wharf lights perfect for mounting on pilings, posts and other elements already sitting high. You’ll get the right New England feel that brings up the Cape’s famous fishing options. It’s known the world over as a top spot for anglers from spring to fall, and these lighting options can give you the same look instantly. Nothing could be better for illuminating your walkways, docks, or even an outdoor wall of flukes, Bluefin, striped bass, flounder, and much more. Be sure to ask us about all of the custom work that Broward Casting can do from round and square light posts with these perfect white and clean fixtures to double options and more. Whatever your space needs, we’ll help you find it. Note: Antique finishes (Rusty Iron and Patina) are slightly higher in price due to additional finishing process.
These Cape Cod style wharf lights from Broward Casting are the perfect lighting option for existing posts and pilings or even for around the exterior of your dock. Made of rugged die-cast aluminum, the fixtures are powder coated and the white finish will last for years even if your marina faces harsher weather. The Cape Cod style directs light across a wide range and keeps intensity low while providing the right illumination to avoid tripping on cleats, ties, hoses, and uneven steps. It’s visibility with the right atmosphere so every evening can be a sweet stroll and every late night excursion gets off to a safe start. These Cape Cod Wharf Lights work with traditional and marina-grade outlets. Kits make installations and mounting simple and fast. Broward Casting is the top name in cast aluminum dock and deck lighting and we can help you work get custom lighting options from Broward if you have a specific need for your wharf lights.