Fire Extinguisher Cabinet - Small

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet - Small

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Tough Guy" Fiberglass Large Fire Extinguisher Cabinet (for 10# Fire Extinguisher)

When you need to protect your fire extinguishers from the weather and environment you can count on the "Tough Guy" Fiberglass Small Fire Extinguisher Cabinet (for 10# Fire Extinguisher). This large, sturdy cabinet maintains your fire extinguishers and is 23.5" high, 8.50" wide and 7.5"  deep.

 The front can either be lockable break glass or a non-locking T-handle, depending on where the cabinet will be used. Aside from the cabinet itself, we offer several extras to personalize the cabinet. There's UV inhibiting coating for cabinets that will be out in the sun, a weather gasket to prevent bugs and rain from sneaking in or stainless steel to prevent rust when in salt air.

 Wherever you need an extinguisher, the "Tough Guy" Fiberglass Large Fire Extinguisher Cabinet is a versatile and robust choice. This will ensure the extinguisher is ready and in working order when you need it, so pick one up today and keep yourself safe.

 Fire extinguisher cabinet small #10: (Outside Dimensions)

  • Height - 23½"
  • Width - 8½"
  • Depth - 7½"