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Protect boats up to 75" long with our heavy duty mooring whips that prevent dock strikes—safeguarding both your dock and your boat. Give yourself the protection you deserve to keep your investment and business safe. Heavy duty mooring whips come with strong, fixed bases to reliably keep the pulls up and out of the way of your supplies or overhead equipment. Rocker arms allow them to adjust with the tide, so you only need one set no matter what time or season. Marina Products & Equipment carries a wide range of mooring whips and lengths to support the specific boats you commonly see. We also provide a simple take-apart coupler to make safeguarding your equipment simple and effective.
Ensure you’ve got safety for boats up to 75" length. Heavy duty mooring whips from Marina Products & Equipment are perfectly designed to keep boats from striking your dock, so there’s no damage to either your boat or your docks. Using marine-grade cast aluminum, our braces have a simple design that automatically adjusts for water and tide changes—making it easy to pull whips and secure them when not in use. Plus, each whip is made with a three-inch snubber for additional strength. The vertical whip stand allows it to easily stay out of the way of your equipment, whether you use the 16", 18", or 20" models. Give your dock the protection it needs with precision-ground, tapered fiberglass poles that are gel coated to match your dock’s look and feel, while ensuring a long-lasting durability.


All Whips will be shipped with Take Apart Coupler for shipping purposes