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Life Ring Cabinets

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Safety equipment is an unfortunate necessity and the Life Ring is a must-have for any dock, marina, deck, or other area where there’s potential for a drowning accident. We recommend these “Tough Guy” Life Ring Cabinets to help you properly store your life rings and prevent them from being damaged by UV rays and adverse weather. The brightly colored design also ensures that everyone will know exactly where they need to go in the event of an emergency. Keep your dock, guests, and family safe by having these stationed throughout your area. Safety on the water begins at the dock, and that means Life Rings and cabinets. This unit keeps life rings in good condition in the event of any emergency, but please note that a Life Ring is not included.
It’s the responsibility of any good boat, deck, or dock owner to protect the people around them when they’re heading to the water. That all starts with proper life-saving equipment to prevent drowning before the boat leaves its slip. Marina Products & Equipment recommends you use life rings as your first line of defense. To keep your rings in proper working condition and create a broader blanket of protection, we offer these life ring cabinets. That way someone always knows where life-saving equipment is and they’re sure it can be relied on in an emergency. Be effective each and every time with proper storage and care. These “Tough Guy” options mean you’re also protected from accidental bumps and high winds, so life rings are at the ready no matter what. Specific characteristics of these life-saving Life Ring cabinets include:
  • Provides protection against UV rays, salt, water, temperature extremes, and high winds.
  • Height 33” x Width 33” x Depth 5.5”
  • Wind Latch installed on all “Tough Guy” Fiberglass Life Ring Cabinets
  • Lockable “Break Glass” with internal trip handle or a non-locking “T-Handle” entry
  • Mounting hardware included

Both latch and breakable glass settings are appropriate for almost any dock scenario because they provide quick access in the event of an emergency. If you’re unsure of which might be right for you, contact our specialists today.


~Current lead time is 8 weeks~