Square Flat Piling Caps
Square Flat Piling Caps

Square Flat Piling Caps

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Give your piling a low profile with square, flat piling caps from Marina Products & Equipment.
These unique caps provide significant protection for pilings against weather, damage, and rot thanks to a strong seal that keeps out moisture, salt, and water. Each square flat piling cap from us is UV-stabilized to resist sun damage and last for years in most environments.
Choose from white or black coatings that give you the look you want for anything from large marinas to home launches. Protect your piling investments with LLDPE metallocene-based polymer caps that are strong, flexible, and maintain security even if your piling is used to mount other elements or equipment.
The low profile of these caps makes them a perfect choice to designate different areas in your marina or keep the view pristine.
These caps come in a variety of sizes, so check the option below to see what you can get in your preferred color. Please note that we recommend you order a piling that is 0.25” to .5” larger than your existing piling diameter. Call us for any assistance or questions about specific size, shape, and color that matches what you want your marina to look like.