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Dock Accessories

Dock Accessories

Premium Dock Accessories 

The right accessories improve the appearance and functionality of your dock while making your boating experience safer and more enjoyable.

At Haven Dock & Marine, we carry a full line of dock accessories to meet all your marina needs. From dock fenders to mooring lines to storage accessories, we manufacture our products to the highest industry standards and design them to withstand demanding marine environments. 

Safety Dock Accessories 

Our dock accessories improve safety in and around your boat. At Haven Dock & Marine, we have the stairs, ladders, lighting, and other accessories to ensure a safe, user-friendly boating experience. 

Dock Railings 

Dock railings are an attractive way to increase safety around the water by giving users a sturdy support to hold onto. They also act as a physical barrier between dock users and the water, so be sure to check strength and durability when shopping for deck railings. 

Boarding Handles 

Boarding handles offer a secure, comfortable grip that makes boarding a vessel easier and safer. With attractive designs and finger-molded handholds, our boarding handles also enhance your dock's appearance.


Dock Ladders and Stairs 

Make getting on and off your boat more accessible with a dock ladder. Choose from several styles, including: 

  • Straight ladders — A dock standard, straight ladders offer a secure fixed entry point. Our ladders are durable, attractive, and sturdy for many seasons of use.  

  • Lift ladders — Built much like our straight ladders, lift versions have stairs that you can raise out of the water. This allows for height adjustments to make docking more manageable and also helps keep your ladder free from algae and barnacles that might grow on underwater surfaces.  

  • Floating dock lift ladders — Like standard lift ladders, these ladders are specially designed for floating docks with a bottom portion that lifts entirely out of the water and extra steps. 

  • Finger pier lift ladders — Tight spaces might benefit from a finger pier ladder. These are like standard lift ladders, except they have straight poles instead of curved handrails. This saves space without compromising quality or safety.
  • Shallow water stairs — An attractive alternative to dock ladders, shallow water stairs allow you to walk in and out of the water.  


Lighting improves the safety and appearance of your dock. Our marine light collection includes: 

  • Underwater lighting — Use LED underwater lights to improve safety and improve visibility.  

  • Piling cap lights — Piling cap lights provide a finished look while improving navigation. 

  • Deck lights — Small but bright, deck lights help improve visibility without being obtrusive.  

  • Step lights — These diminutive fixtures fit almost anywhere you need illumination. 

  • Power pedestalsPower pedestals provide lighting and electricity for boaters. They are available in several styles to match any marina decor.  

  • Wharf lights — Achieve a classic nautical look with post or piling-mounted wharf lights.  

  • Wall lights — Available in several classic styles, wall fixtures provide light where needed without taking up valuable dock space.  

Storage Accessories

Every vessel has accessories and gear, such as ropes, fishing gear, safety equipment, and tools, that need to find a home. Our storage-related dock accessories provide attractive and durable solutions for keeping your gear safely stowed yet easily accessible.

Dock Boxes

Dock boxes have numerous uses. They can serve as storage and seating, keeping your space neat and clean. Our premium boxes are excellent tools for keeping fishing gear, ropes, and life jackets stored and ready so they are nearby when needed. 

The features you’ll find in our premium dock boxes include: 

  • Locks for added security 
  • Stainless steel hardware 
  • Heavy-duty fiberglass construction 
  • UV gel coat added to reduce wear, fading, and cracks 

Storage Racks

Dock-mounted storage racks offer convenient storage for kayaks, canoes, and other small watercraft. They typically face the water to simplify access. 

Life Ring Cabinets

Meet boating requirements and reduce the risk of serious injuries by keeping a life ring ready for emergencies. Life ring cabinets are crucial dock accessories that safely and neatly store our 24-inch USCG and Canadian Coast Guard-approved life rings within reach. 

Boat Mooring Accessories 

Mooring is any time you tie or secure your vessel to a stationary object instead of dropping anchor. Like learning how to tie secure knots, proper mooring is a crucial skill that all skippers must master. Having the right equipment makes the task easier. 

Mooring Whips 

Improve dock safety and reduce the chances of contact damage by installing mooring whips in your slip. These provide a fixed palace to secure your vessel away from the dock, reducing the chance that heavy traffic or waves will cause jostling against hard surfaces. Coupled with dock fenders, they do an excellent job of protecting your boat’s finish. 

Dock Lines 

Nylon dock lines are a crucial piece of equipment aboard any vessel. They help secure your boat to the dock in temporary situations. You can also use lines to secure loose items on deck in rough weather.  Dock line supports help extend the useful life of lines by reducing chafing. 


Dock fenders are cushions attached to dock edges, pilings, ramps, and seawalls and serve as a protective barrier between these hard surfaces and your boat. They reduce hull damage and help keep marina structures in good repair. 

Haven Dock & Marine is proud to be the sole manufacturer and distributor of Fend-All and Fend-Off dock fenders. Constructed from a special double-walled PVC, we designed these fenders to withstand the harshest marine conditions. Each one comes with a three-year warranty. 

  • Fend-All are available in straight, curved, and 90-degree styles to fit most marine applications.  

  • Fend-Off fenders are available in light, medium, heavy-duty, and extra heavy-duty thicknesses for vessels up to 150 feet.  

Kayak Rollers 

Kayak rollers help you transport heavy boats to the water. They make getting a kayak on and off the dock easier for one person and are perfect if you struggle to move an unwieldy boat around solo. 

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