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Dock Ladders

Dock ladders are there for safety, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all the same. Their combination of features makes each model more convenient for every customer.

We offer a full selection of dock ladders, all with the highest safety and overall quality standards. As you won’t need to worry about this factor, you can focus on what makes each option more adjusted to your specific needs.

Dock ladders come in different styles and materials. Types of dock ladders include: straight, dock lift, floating dock, swinging, and finger pier. Materials include aluminum and plastic. 

Read on to learn more about each of these.

Types of Dock Ladders

Dock ladders usually have between 3 and 8 steps, and their handles can be rounded or vertical. 

Rounded handrails are generally 14’’ in diameter, and the steps have 2’’, 4’’, 8’’, or 10’’ depth.

Straight Dock Ladders

Straight dock ladders are the most common type of dock ladder. The simple design makes them versatile; plus, they are easy to install and are some of the cheapest models. 

These types of ladders do not have the ability to compact, but they do come in a variety of lengths (steps). They are a favorite for stationary docks because of their sturdiness.  

Dock Lift Ladders

Dock lift ladders are an advanced version of the straight ladder. As the name suggests, these ladders can be lifted and dropped. This feature adds an extra bit of help to protect it from marine weeds and algae buildup. 

In other words, these are intended for environments with plenty of marine growth. They are also most recommended for stationary docks, and most of them have rounded handrails.

Floating Dock Lift Ladders

Floating dock lift ladders are designed for floating docks. They have a shorter base than the other models but still provide a solid hold. 

Smaller ones are ideal for docks in cold areas. Just lift the steps above the water line and lock the ladder to keep it safe during the winter.

Swinging Dock Ladders

The swinging dock ladder, or flip-up ladder, has a similar design to the straight ladder but swings out of the water. The ladder pivots and lifts and locks into place vertically.

Like lift ladders, swinging dock ladders are safe from marine buildup when locked out of the water. In addition, they are usually cheaper than lift models, so they are a good alternative.

Finger Pier Straight Dock Ladders

Finger pier straight dock ladders are minimal ladders that leave docks with more space; they are ideal for seawalls and other narrow spaces. They have poles that act as handles to keep the dock clear.

Like their standard counterparts, this kind of straight ladder is best for environments with little marine growth.

Finger Pier Lift Dock Ladders

Finger pier lift dock ladders have the same retractable composition as standard lift ladders but with the narrow, unobtrusive design of finger pier ladders. 

This ladder type is ideal for narrow docks and piers in areas where marine corrosion and algae are significant.

Floating Dock Finger Pier Lift Ladder

Floating dock finger pier lift ladders are another type of small, slim dock ladder. Naturally, they are the ideal choice for small or narrow floating docks in areas with plenty of sea growth. 

These ladders tend to be more expensive than floating dock lift ladders with rounded handles.

Dock Ladder Materials

The material of the ladder will impact its cost, durability, and functionality.


Aluminum is an ideal material for a dock ladder because it cannot rust - aluminum ladders are resistant to corrosion. It’s also one of the most durable materials, and it works perfectly in both freshwater and saltwater.

The potential downside is that, even though aluminum will not rust, it will discolor over time. Nonetheless, it’s a widespread and cost-effective material for dock ladders.

FAQs About Dock Ladders

What Size Dock Ladder Do I Need?

The size of the dock gets measured in steps. The recommended amount of steps is determined by the type and depth of water, keeping in mind that there should be at least two steps below the water.

Floating docks require ladders that have steps determined by the dock’s height above water, plus the swimming depth divided by 10. All measurements get done in inches. If the height above water plus swimming depth is 50 inches, divide that by 10 (the typical distance between steps) for a ladder with five steps.

Stationary docks should have ladders that practically touch the bottom of the water. Add the water’s maximum depth to the height of the dock above water and divide by 10—but leave 10 inches between the ladder and the bottom. For example, 60 inches from the bottom of the lake to the top of the dock is 60/10 = 6 steps, but leaving 10 inches out gives us a 5-step ladder.

What Kind of Dock Ladder Do I Need?

The optimal dock ladder will depend on the type of dock. Stationary docks handle straight, lift, and swinging dock ladders, as most of them have room for these big types of ladders. 

Floating docks, seawalls, and narrow stationary docks typically require smaller ladders.

How Do I Fit a Dock Ladder?

Dock ladders get fitted into the dock, usually with 2-4 bolts. The bolts get drilled directly into the dock and fastened through the holes on the base of the ladder. The necessary equipment gets included with the purchase of the ladder. However, stronger bolts are found at hardware stores.

For additional insight or installation advice, find a local dealer or call us at 954-419-3015.

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