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On a hot day, the only thing better than dipping your toes in cool water is jumping in for a swim. You deserve to enjoy your lake home or oceanfront property to the fullest. Dock ladders make it easy to have fun with your favorite water activities. 

Shop dock ladders with the legendary quality of the Haven Dock & Marine name. Our customers include well-known marinas, private resorts, families with luxury vacation homes, and couples who spend every day at the ocean. Discover premium products built to last.



Dock Ladders

There's nothing quite like a ladder to really make you feel safe at the dock while entering and exiting your boat. For a little extra security, a ladder is always a necessary choice. 

Our aluminum dock ladders come in different sizes and designs so you will find the perfect one for your needs.

What Are Dock Ladders For?

A dock ladder attaches firmly to the end of your dock or pier. It helps you enter and exit the water or any watercraft safely. There are many kinds of dock ladders, including straight ladders, sliding lift ladders, and ladders with floating steps. Choosing the right style is essential so your ladder works beautifully for your dock.

What Types of Dock Ladders Are Available?

Whether your home has a long and narrow dock, a beautiful deck overlooking the ocean, a short floating dock, a seawall, or a slip with finger pier extensions, you can find an attractive dock ladder that fits perfectly.

Straight Dock Ladders

The standard choice for stationary docks, straight dock ladders remain fixed in place all year long. They’re sturdy, cost-effective, and dependable. When you spend a lot of time on the ocean, a straight dock ladder makes it easy to get into the water at a moment’s notice so that you can have fun season after season.

Lift Ladders

Dock lift ladders offer the same strength and quality as a straight ladder, along with a significant advantage: the ability to slide up or down. This feature protects your ladder against barnacles and algae and keeps it shiny. In addition, you can adjust lift ladders so boats and personal watercraft can dock comfortably.


Floating Dock Lift Ladders

This type of lift ladder is also a good choice for floating docks and boat decks. The top part of the ladder stays entirely out of the water, and you can raise or lower the bottom portion quickly and easily. Floating dock lift ladders tend to have more steps than ladders for stationary docks.  

Finger Pier Dock Ladders

Finger pier dock ladders are made from the same high-quality materials as other dock ladders but follow a slimmer design. Instead of rounded handrails, they have vertical poles. You can choose between fixed models or lift ladders for finger piers. These dock ladders also work well for smaller docks, seawalls, and waterfront walkways. 

Floating Finger Pier Lift Ladders

Many finger piers involve stationary docks, but sometimes you have a floating dock with reduced space. In that case, a floating finger pier lift ladder with a shorter base can be an excellent fit. This type of ladder usually requires custom specifications, so you should contact us directly for assistance.

Specialty Dock Ladders

When you want a premium solution for your dock or marina, it’s impossible to beat the convenience and performance of a floating dock ladder. FloatStep® dock ladders automatically adjust to the rise and fall of the tide.

No matter the height of your guests, it’s easy to get everyone on your boat smoothly. An adjustable floatation valve can keep a step underwater or raise the ladder automatically when it’s not in use.

Custom Dock Ladders

Depending on the type of dock ladder you need, we offer stock sizes with three to six steps. We can also create longer lengths with seven or eight steps for stationary and floating docks. Contact us for assistance with custom orders.

What Are the Benefits of High-Quality Dock Ladders?

A dependable dock ladder provides important benefits for any dock or pier:

  • Safety: Avoid accidents or injuries when you spend time on the water.
  • Convenience: Climb onboard your watercraft easily and securely.
  • Comfort: Enjoy the water to your heart’s content and climb onto your dock effortlessly afterward.

If you love swimming, kayaking, sailing, or taking guests on your boat, you need a high-quality dock ladder.

How Do You Choose the Right Dock Ladder?

The ideal dock ladder for your lake home or beachfront property depends on several factors.

Retractable Versus Fixed

Straight dock ladders are your “install and forget about it” option. They’re always ready to go and stand the test of time.

When it comes to lakes that have marine growth, retractable ladders are more popular. You don’t have to worry about cleaning algae or other time-consuming maintenance.

Dock Size and Type

One of the most important factors to consider is the type of dock you have:

  • Finger pier: Finger piers are narrower than main docks. To allow plenty of room for walking safely, installing a ladder with a smaller profile is necessary.
  • Floating dock: Floating docks rest closer to the water’s surface, so you must install a ladder with a shorter base.
  • Stationary dock: A stationary dock generally gives you more space and height to work with, but you must ensure your ladder is long enough to adapt to changing tides.

It’s essential to consider dock safety when choosing your ladder. You want something that provides good support without getting in your way.


Straight dock ladders offer instant access to the water and accommodate kids and adults. For climbing onto a boat, sailboat, or personal watercraft, lift ladders or floating dock ladders may be easier to use.

Weight Rating

Our dock ladders feature marine-grade aluminum. This heavy-duty material stands up to the environment and guests of virtually any weight. Rated for up to 500 lbs

Wide Steps

Straight and lift dock ladders have larger steps than finger pier models. If you worry about slipping, a wider step can provide more stability. Contact us if you need a larger size than normal due to safety concerns.

Why Choose Haven Dock & Marine Dock Ladders?

Haven Dock & Marine is one of the most trusted names in marine equipment. We offer a full range of floating docks and dock accessories and always strive to provide excellent quality and amazing customer service.

Choose durable and attractive dock ladders you can count on season after season. Experience true oceanfront living with dependable dock ladders that let you enjoy the water fully. Contact us for assistance today.

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