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Collection: Floating Docks

AccuDock floating dock systems offer solutions for all types of outdoor activities. From rowing docks to floating platforms to aluminum gangways, AccuDock supplies it all.

AccuDock Floats are the only floats on the market that can guarantee uniform wall thickness throughout the float. The unique manufacturing process using HDPE flat sheets, ensures there are no weak or thin spots anywhere on each float section. This process allows us to make any wall thickness, use any density of foam and make any float any size, shape and height according to your specifications.

A standard framed float has a marine grade 6061-T6 aluminum frame attached to it for the sole purpose of connecting float sections together, or providing an additional frame structure to bolt in accessories or various attachment methods.

Types of Floating Docks

Kayak Dock & Paddle Sports Docks

Paddle sports are rapidly growing as some of the most popular on-the-water activities across the world, and AccuDock has a full line of dock configurations designed specifically for kayak docks and paddle sports docks. The low profile allows the user to be close to the water’s surface when entering and exiting a kayak or paddleboard which is essential.


A low profile fully decked floating dock overlay, Accudock is now able to supply a finished, decked dock using our standard float sections. Utilizing any type of decking desired, multiple colors and styles are available.

This AccuDeck system will work on customer’s existing dock setups, as well as all new customers.

Gangways & Ramps

Aluminum gangways and ramps are custom fabricate specific to each application using our unique style and design consisting of a 6000 series marine grade aluminum. With an arched design for additional strength, AccuDock gangways and ramps provide sound walkways for residential, commercial or ADA use.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Floating Docks

AccuDock manufactures a heavy duty aluminum frame floating dock. Full aluminum frame docks can be decked with your choice of decking, whether it is wood, aluminum or a composite. HD work floats and scaffolding platforms for small or large projects can also be manufacture to requested specifications.

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