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Colorful dock furniture at the end of a t-shaped dock.

Dock Furniture Ideas to Accessorize and Entertain

As we move back outside and start to soak up the sunshine, what’s better than having a well decorated space to enjoy it in? When you love being right on the water, your dock can be the prime place to enjoy the weather; it may be for some solo peace and quiet or to entertain company. However, that’s hard to do if your dock is bare.

If you’re looking to refresh the decor of your space or even dress it up from scratch, you may need some dock furniture ideas. We’ve covered some of the basics that will help make your waterfront spot both stylish and comfortable.


You can curate your dock to match your personal style, with an endless range of options for dock-friendly decor.


Whether you’re looking to use your dock as a hot fishing spot or a cool relaxation zone, you’ll want somewhere you can kick up your feet. Having multiple options for seating right down by the water will make the space all the more relaxing. You have plenty of options, ranging from individual chairs, to fixed benches, to weather-friendly chaise lounges.

Seating for your dock can come in a whole spectrum of colors, as well. Natural stained wood offers a sophisticated look, while durable plastic seating can provide a vivid pop of color. You can add patterned cushions to your seating to provide additional comfort and design, complimenting the colors of the dock’s natural surroundings. It’s best to use cushions made with outdoor materials to ensure longevity; and when you’re not actively using them, the cushions can be stored out of the sun to prevent fading.


Get the most enjoyment out of your dock space by adding lighting to make it accessible at night. Imagine enjoying the cool breeze coming off the water as the sun goes down, and just as dusk creeps in, your automatic ambient lighting clicks on to keep your entertainment space well-lit and comfortable.

Specialty lighting can be fixed to the piling caps of your dock as an extra finish. And to save on electricity, you can choose solar powered dock lighting that generates its own energy. Your lighting can easily be in line with the aesthetic of your decorative space, with our wide range of lighting options—from modern piling caps to timeless wharf lights.


To make your dock comfortable even during the peak of the day, adding a shade solution will help fight off the most damaging UV rays. A simple setup that’s customizable is a combination of flagpoles and a UV-protective canopy, casting a solid block of shade over your decorated dock. This shade will also provide instant relief when stepping off your docked boat at the end of a nautical trip.


If your setup still looks a little bland, adding some potted plants along your seawall or dock is a quick way to liven it up. You can choose decorative planters that match your color palette, and ones that are heavy enough will stay put even on windy days. Choose hardy, sun-loving plants such as rosemary or begonias.


While your dock can be done up attractively, you’ll want it to still be useful. Avoid putting large furniture items in places that block movement, and make sure all of your dockside tools are still within reach. Here are a few items to help retain the utility of your decorated dock.


Having useful and decorative surfaces along with your seating will help boost the comfort of the space. Especially if you intend to entertain company on your dock, you’ll want somewhere to serve food and place your beverages as you relax by the water. If a full size table is too large for the space you’re working with, unique and decorative side tables can be tucked into convenient spots to offer useful surfaces.


To prepare for oncoming storms, clean up clutter, or move your fabric items away from sun damage, storage near your dock will keep things neat and tidy. Stowing your belongings out of sight will secure them both from errant winds and onlookers. Depending on the style of storage, you can also add a padlock for additional protection.

Items that will be right at home with your dock furniture include fishing rod stands and watertight dock boxes—and if you’re working with a small space, your storage can even double as your dock steps!


When you’re actively using your dock for boating and fishing, you’ll want to make sure it’s well-equipped. Having an attractive dock is great until you’re bumping into chairs while trying to disembark. It’s important to decorate around the utility of your dock and not crowd it; other items you’ll want to make sure are up-to-par may include:

  • Ladders
  • Hose reels
  • Fish cleaning tables
  • Life ring cabinets
  • Water stanchions
  • Power pedestals

With these items in place, your dock will be a great place to work on the water as well as relax.

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