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C&M’s large marine dock boxes are built tough. They use a minimum of 3/16” heavy fiberglass thickness with stainless steel hardware and a white gel coat the provides ultraviolet light protection. So they won’t fade or rust, but will provide you with years of reliable service. These large dock box models have two S/S louvered vents with optional gas shocks. It’s great for storing fishing rods, line, and much more. Size options available to you include:
  • 66" X 22"W X 22"
  • 71" X 22"W X 24"
  • 76" X 27"W X 26"
  • 85" X 27"W X 26"
  • 96" X 22"W X 25"

You’ve just found the perfect box to store those fishing rods and all the extra line anyone will need this season. Whether you like to head to the nearby lake or headed out past the Gulf for something big, these C&M large dock boxes can keep all of the gear you need safe and secure. Marina Products & Equipment is proud to recommend these marine dock boxes for almost any dock or marina. They use two S/S louvered vents and gas shocks to keep things safe inside and prevent any caught fingertips. The white gel coat provides plenty of protection from UV rays and the stainless steel hardware will resist corrosion and rust even in salty environments. You’ll be making a smart investment to protect your gear and provide your guests with all the space they need to have fun on the water and stay a few extra days.

~Current Lead times for all dock boxes is about 8-10 weeks~