51" Dock Box
Specialty Dock Boxes
Specialty Dock Boxes

Specialty Dock Boxes

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Don’t settle for an option that doesn’t fit your exact needs. We offer two specific specialty products that address many of the common concerns we hear about standard dock boxes. If you’ve got a corner that is being wasted or want to give your visitors a place to sit without loading the dock full of hazards and benches, then check out these two amazing options from C&M Marina Products. 
  • 54″L x 34″D x 29″H   Wt. 52lbs
  • Designed to fit corners and curved spaces but give you a solid base for storage.
51″ Dock Box with Seat
  • 51″L x 30″D x 30″H 68lbs
  • Space-saving design with built in seat for convenience.
  • Supports most guests and their gear.

  All boxes are constructed with a minimum 3/16” heavy fiberglass thickness, using all stainless steel (corrosion-proof) hardware, and with a UV-resistant exterior white gel coat.
You’ve got a special dock and that means you often need a special solution for your space and your guests. Marina Products & Equipment has got you covered with two of our favorite specialty products from C&M Marina Products: a dock box with built-in seat and the unique triangular box with multiple lid options. You’ll Love a Triangular Box Don’t let a corner just be wasted space any more. With these triangular dock boxes, you can use every inch of space on your dock exactly how you want. Whether you’re giving two benches the perfect table and storage unit or expanding the storage at your angled slips, these boxes limit the space you need for a full-sized storage option.

~Current lead time for all dock boxes is about 8-10 weeks~