Benfive™ Piling Cap Light - Round - 1-Color

Benfive™ Piling Cap Light - Round - 1-Color

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Benfive™ Piling Cap Light - Round - 1-Color

Enhance your marina's visibility and safety with the LED piling cap. 

The innovative design helps conserve space and adds additional visibility to your boat's area. BENFIVE™ piling cap lights are designed to be used as on-shore or on-water aids to navigation. Use on waterfront properties and docks for lighting pilings & access paths.

BENFIVE is an easy way to provide secondary safety onboard your boat by keeping pilings illuminated at night. Light up a pathway and create an amazing-looking marina as well as a functional deck. Plus, they help to deter birds to keep your boat area safe and clean. 

The Benfive™ Piling Cap Light - Round is a LED lighting system designed to be used for aquatic, marine, or garden projects. The round piling cap light features a built-in mounting stand which allows the light to sit at a 90-degree angle from where it's installed, making it perfect for illuminating walkways and piers. 

The piling cap lights can be easily attached to custom-built decks and docks.

Features and Benefits

  • 50,000+ hour LED lights for long-lasting and consistent lighting
  • Waterproof lights that can withstand weather conditions 
  • Timer function to conserve bulb life 
  • They fit over existing pilings with adjustable sizes
  • You can choose your own light type from our multiple options
  • Low maintenance lights that will work for years to come

 Product Information

  • Available in five sizes: 8.375" diameter, 9.5" diameter, 10.25" diameter, 11.75" diameter or 12" diameter
  • Requires 12v DC power to operate
  • LED light encased in a tough marine-grade polymer housing for durability