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Lake Lite™ 8" Piling Mount - Black or White Housing
Lake Lite™ 8" Piling Mount - Black or White Housing

Lake Lite™ 8" Piling Mount - Black or White Housing

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Lake Lite has updated its 8″ solar piling mount lights to include color changeable LEDs that give you the best solar lighting options and make it easier to manage your marina. Switching up your color lighting can help people find their slip, avoid hazards, and much more thanks to your solar-powered piling lights. The lights are simple and easy to switch between colors and brightness settings using Lake Lite’s patented magnetic swiping system — you only need one hand and a couple seconds to get it perfect. We’ve seen people use them to help boats navigate to the correction location, have people avoid dangers, and even provide different paths during an event. Follow green for the kids’ party area or red for the adult food and drink, making your marina-wide party extra fun and helping everyone know where to go even when the Sun sets.
Solar powered lighting is taken to the next level with these Late Lite 8” piling mounts with black or white housing. You’ll get the most robust and appealing solar light that you can use in a variety of colors including:
  • White
  • Amber
  • Blue
Each light is packed with 24 super-bright LEDs, 8 of each color, that shine downward to give plenty of illumination without getting in your eyes. They create perfect ambient light as well as giving you multiple patterns and 7 different brightness settings for each color. It’s a simple and nifty way to mark your dock or marina in a variety of different ways. Plus, these lights are safe and operate simply and without problem. A smart microprocessor control system keeps the solar units from gathering too much energy and overcharging or over-discharging. It manages brightness and output to ensure that it will last for years and years. Each solar lighting piling mount comes with rechargeable and easily replaceable batteries. Units feature:
  • 6 to 46 hour run time based on power setting
  • Brightness settings of 10/25/40/60/80/100/125 Lumens
  • Fresh water rated
  • Salt water rated
  • Changeable battery that needs only basic tools
Quickly change your colors, set your brightness, and give your marina the atmosphere or safety lighting that it needs at any given moment. With simple functionality, these are some of the most robust and useful solar piling lights you’ll find today.