Heavy Duty Galvanized Cleats

Heavy Duty Galvanized Cleats

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Keep boats and equipment right where you want it. These heavy duty galvanized cleats provide you with the sturdiest cleats designed specifically for use in marinas, docks, and decks when you need to keep larger things secure. With a malleable iron core, the open base cleats from Marina Products & Equipment can be used for both vertical and horizontal mounting on standard pier and dock infrastructure. Recessed mounting holes allow you to accommodate hex head machine bolts for a tighter, more secure hold. We offer 10”, 12”, 15”, and 18” models designed to work with a wide range of ropes and boats.
Whether you’re looking to secure an entire fleet or just your weekend stress relief, our heavy duty galvanized cleats are a perfect option to keep everything safe and secure. Smaller cleats are designed to fit small ropes and can remove risk even if you’re on a bay or area with high tidal rise and drop. No matter what water you’re working with, all cleats rely on top-quality iron and coatings to protect against salt and corrosion so they can last for years. The 15" and 18" cleats are a must for docks securing boats 60' and up. The 15" and 18" cleat can handle the thicker lines and provide a more secure tie for hurricane preparedness. Don’t settle for less with competitors who only offer sizes up to 12". Key features of the Heavy Duty Galvanized Cleats from Marina Products & Equipment include:
  • Malleable iron material for long-lasting support and improved corrosion resistance
  • Rugged design with a specific focus on docks and marinas, supporting fishing and working boats as well as recreational vehicles
  • Hex head machine bolt support, for tighter group
  • 10”, 12”, 15”, and 18” units
  • 10″ cleat uses 1/2″ hardware
  • 12″ cleat uses 5/8″ hardware
  • 15″ and 18″ cleats use 3/4″ hardware.
Use the options above to get the perfect cleat for your dock, deck, or marina.