• Complete Guide to Mooring Systems

    Dock mooring types are crucial for any vessel owner or operator to keep ships safe from damage and well-anchored. Haven Dock & Marine offers various mooring solutions that cater to different vessel sizes and environmental demands. Click here to learn about how various mooring systems and applications work to assist and keep boats, floating platforms, and other watercraft secure or stationary at all water depths.

  • The Benefits of Upgrading to LED Dock Lighting

    Are you in search of a cost-effective and dependable illumination option for your dock? LED dock lights are the perfect solution. They help you save money on energy bills and provide greater visibility and safety. LEDs last longer than traditional lighting options, so you can enjoy their benefits for years. Plus, installation is a breeze! Check out all that LEDs offer when it comes to dock lighting.

  • How to Anchor & Secure Floating Docks

    Did you know that a float docking system helps prevent boat damage during hurricanes compared to stationary docks? If you’ve purchased a floating dock kit or want to purchase one but are unsure how to proceed with constructing it, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you anchor and secure a floating dock!

  • 7 Simple Dock Maintenance Tips

    It's essential to keep your dock in good condition. Without proper care, a dock can rapidly become hazardous and unusable. These tips from the professionals at Haven Dock & Marine will help you extend the life of your dock and also keep it safe and functional so that you can continue to enjoy your dock.