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Low Profile Dock Box

Rough Water Dock Box - Low Profile

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Organize Your Dock With Our Secure Low-Profile Dock Boxes

Keep all your belongings, tools, and equipment organized with our secure and attractive low-profile dock boxes. Our boxes come in four convenient sizes for all your storage needs and are sturdy enough for rough water conditions. 


Excess clutter can cause safety hazards on your dock and make it hard to find the things you need while boating. Our low-profile dock boxes are the perfect way to keep all your essentials protected while keeping your dock neat and junk-free. They feature:

  • Four convenient sizes
  • A narrow design to reduce bulk
  • A five-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Sleek, rounded edges for safety
  • A domed lid
  • A no-slam safety feature
  • Gas shocks
  • White-gel coated edges 
  • Black webbing on the exterior
  • 5” S/S louvered vents


These C&M dock boxes offer a low-profile design to ensure maximum visibility. They are resistant to wind, inclement weather, and rough water conditions to ensure that your belongings remain safe and undamaged. They come in four convenient sizes, including:

  • 50″W x 22″D x 24″H at 47 lbs
  • 60″W x 22″D x 24″H at 68 lbs
  • 70″W x 22″D x 24″H at 79 lbs
  • 80″W x 22″D x 24″H at 92 lbs

Smarter Design for All Your Storage Needs

These versatile boxes are perfect for on the water, at the marina, or even at home and are trusted by some of the world’s top marinas. They are large enough for all your equipment but narrow enough to stay out of the way. Store tools, equipment, or other essentials indoors or outdoors for maximum protection. 

If you need a reliable solution for storing your boating essentials, try one of our low-profile dock boxes for superior protection. We offer individual units or bulk orders at wholesale prices. Order yours today or contact us with any additional questions. 


* Dock boxes can be order in custom colors, contact for pricing and details