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Get all of the storage space you need on your deck without looking cluttered, junked up, or creating hazards, just by choosing a low-profile rough water dock box. The storage you need is now convenient for everyone and won’t be an eyesore any more. Marina Products & Equipment is giving you access to four different rough water low-profile dock boxes that are designed to stay out of the way. Long and narrow boxes mean you can store all of your favorite gear or stock up on essentials for someone renting a slip. We’ve seen them at home in large marinas, private docks, and even at home. Grab the perfect storage option for your deck with plenty of safety and easy-to-use features. Go high-end but affordable, and enjoy a 5-year manufacturer warranty too.
Safe storage options are a must-have for any dock, marina, or home launch. Marina Products & Equipment stocks this line of C&M low-profile deck boxes because they resist wind, weather, and bumps to give you storage that you need on-site without dangers or large boxes that can block a great view. Each option comes with sleek rounded edges, domed lids, gas shocks, and a no-slam safety feature. All cut and exposed edges are white-gel coated and the interior features black webbing and 5” S/S louvered vents on both ends. That means you get the best coverage you need. Choose from our 4 amazing Low Profile Dock Boxes:
  • 50″W x 22″D x 24″H 47lbs
  • 60″W x 22″D x 24″H 68lbs
  • 70″W x 22″D x 24″H 79lbs
  • 80″W x 22″D x 24″H 92lbs


~Current Lead times for Dock Boxes is about 8-10 weeks~