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48" Dock Box
Standard C & M Dock Boxes

Standard C & M Dock Boxes

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Is there always something on your pier that’s getting in the way? Do you constantly see trip hazards that could harm your customers and your business? Do the kids never put away their life jackets because they complain they don’t fit anywhere? It’s time to solve all of those problems and more with a simple, economical, and pleasant solution: C&M dock boxes. Storage is now convenient and safe with a pleasing design that’s perfect for your dock. With 7 different box designs, you can find the perfect fit. Top features of these boxes include:
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Sleek rounded edges and domed lids
  • gas shocks
  • no-slam safety feature
  • 5” S/S louvered vents on both ends.
And much more.
Dock boxes can provide you with support for whatever application you have, from storing your most important equipment to giving boaters a little extra room for their gear, snacks, and more. Their classic design and coloring makes them the perfect option for any home launch, dock, or professional marina. Marina Products & Equipment focuses on lines of C&M dock boxes because they’re among the most secure and reliable in the industry. From standard to low-profile options, you’ll have the ability to fit what you need and still see across your dock without danger or hazards. All standard dock boxes are constructed with a minimum 3/16” heavy fiberglass thickness using all stainless steel (corrosion-proof) hardware. White gel coat finish is on the inside, and an ultraviolet resistant white gel coat on the outside makes it right in any weather. Don’t let clutter build up on your deck anymore. We offer 7 different standard C&M dock boxes for you to choose from:
  • 25″W x 17″D x 12″H
  • 40″W x 19″D x 21″H
  • 48″W x 20″D x 18″H
  • 44″W x 26″D x 27″H
  • 54″W x 22″D x 24″H

Get he coverage you need and enjoy a clutter-free deck today. It’s perfect for that next big outing or for when the next guest boat arrives at your slips.


~Current lead time for all dock boxes is about 8-10 weeks~