FloatStep® Dock Ladders
FloatStep® Dock Ladders

FloatStep® Dock Ladders

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Presenting the award-winning, patent-pending FloatStep® Dock Ladder. It’s the only ladder you’ll need to help get everyone in and out of the water, no matter how long or short the climb. This unique design ensures that you’ve got a safe and simply access at any water level, adjusting to the tide, floating docks, seawalls and many other challenges faced by fixed infrastructure in today’s docks and marinas. Need a tighter control on buoyancy? Turn its unique control valve for simple adjustments that support a heavy weight and even custom inclusions like the FloatTrak rough water support. Why is it award-winning? Safety first and then plenty of simplicity in support and access. Let the ladder do the hard work for you by adjusting to water levels and automatically keeping its ladder section free of marine growth. Choose from 3 to 8 steps below and find the right fit in an attractive aluminum or powder coating finish.   We think marina awards are a pretty big deal in the ladder space and that’s why we’re proud to offer the award-winning, patent-pending FloatStep® Dock Ladder to you today. This grade 6000 series aluminum body with TIG welded design can provide strength and support for years in even the harshest marine environments. It’s simple to mount in a variety of situations and its core design automatically adjusts to the water level, so you don’t need to keep up with any changes or worry about support. A simple adjustment of its buoyancy valve gives you tight control so that you can float in any situation or drop it down to make sure you always have an extra rung below the surface. We offer solutions from three to eight steps and can upgrade your module for specific extreme conditions thanks to the FloatTrak grip and support system. Key features of this ladder include:
  • Designed to adjust to water-level changes based on tides, floating dock, fixed dock, and seawall mounts.
  • Molded plastic floats with buoyancy controls
  • Marine-grade 6000 series aluminum design with TIG welds performed by AWS certified welders
  • Upgrade options for up to 8 steps and superior control
  • Automatic adjustment design also helps limit marina growth and prevent slips

It’s one of the best ladders you’ll find on the market for protecting your equipment, your boats, your guests, and yourself in any weather or mounting solution. Perfect for the slim dock or the large marina, you’ve found a ladder that does the hard work for you.


Please call us if you need 7or 8 steps.