Lake Lite™ Marine Light
Lake Lite™ Marine Light
Lake Lite™ Marine Light
Lake Lite™ Marine Light
Lake Lite™ Marine Light

Lake Lite™ Marine Light

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The solar marine light from Lake Lite™ is one of the most affordable and practical options out there to safely mark elements of your marina from slips and piers to channels, breakwaters, and boating hazards. They work in virtually any marine application. Each unit is salt water rated and solar powered with lighting options that range from constant lights to specific flashes, with multiple color options. We’ve seen these used for boat houses, safety lighting, buoys, mooring, and even just across the dock to give visibility exactly where you needed. Flip between lighting options in just a simple swipe or turn them off completely with the included magnet (which can be stored in the unit even when it is lit).
The Lake Lite™ Solar Marine Light is designed to give you illumination wherever you need it on the water and the land. The solar-powered unit is able to properly accumulate energy for consistent use, while storing up extra power for when the Sun goes down. Each unit is rated for 1-Nautical Mile in both constant and flashing lighting modes. These units provide clean visibility on:
  • Buoys
  • Channel markers
  • Dock lighting
  • Equipment locations
  • Hazard marking
  • Marinas
  • Mooring
  • Obstructions
  • Warning lights
  • And much more
The high-grade solar, rechargeable battery delivers strength to both ultra-high intensity LEDs, giving it visibility from all angles. You can choose between 5 LED color options:
  • White
  • Amber
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
They’re perfect for today’s fresh and salt water environments, delivering 10/20 lumens with a 24-hour to 36-hour run time off of a charge. With a long lifespan and easy-access battery for safe replacements, these units are an investment that Lake Lite guarantees will last.