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Having reliable power at your boat slip adds convenience and value to the marina experience. Eaton power pedestals let you enjoy all the amenities of modern living while on your boat. They are attractive, durable, and packed with features to make staying connected easier.   

Benefits of Eaton Power Pedestals 

Eaton is known for reproducing high-quality, safe, and reliable energy infrastructure products, and their dock power pedestals are perfect examples of that work. Eaton power pedestals are durable and attractive fixtures that simplify bringing power to a dock without compromising style. If you are shopping for a new power pedestal, consider the many benefits Eaton pedestals from Haven Dock & Marine bring to marina and boat owners.  


Each Eaton power pedestal is made from high-quality materials designed to withstand even the harshest elements. Engineered resin and stainless steel components are strong enough to handle residential and commercial dock conditions.  

Superior materials and workmanship are evident in each Eaton dock power pedestal. At Haven Dock & Marine, we stand behind every unit we sell, so you don't have to worry about how salt water, sea air, or harsh storms will affect your dock pedestal.    


A neat power pedestal is more attractive than wires, hoses, and cables tangled in a pile on the dock. We carry several different styles of Eaton power pedestals, each designed to enhance a marina environment:  


Hatteras — At 30 inches tall, the Hatteras is an attractive and affordable power pedestal. It features a 360-degree light design for optimal illumination and allows multiple power configurations up to 140 amps. 






Newport Harbor Mate — The perfect power solution for individuals who need versatility, the Newport Harbor Mate mounts easily to dock boxes, railings, or the optional steel stand. The resin housing is treated with UV inhibitors for durability, and an amber light reduces insect attraction. 





Lighthouse — A stylish power pedestal among our most popular options, the Lighthouse offers multiple power configurations, a choice between amber and clear glass, and brackets to keep hoses and cables neat.   







Lighthouse SS — A similar design to the standard Lighthouse model, the SS model is constructed from high-quality stainless steel for added durability.  









Firehouse — For a complete safety package, consider the Firehouse pedestal. This full-featured safety and rescue center is suitable for residential and commercial docks. It can be customized to accommodate life rings, fire extinguishers, strobe lights, and an audible alarm. 


Increased Dock Safety 

An illuminated power pedestal means you never have to try maneuvering into a dark slip again. Plus, once docked, you can plug in and handle all cleanup and maintenance tasks without draining your onboard batteries.  

Power Pedestal Features 

Eaton power pedestals have all the features you need to keep a dock area looking great.  

Electric Configurations 

The electrical configuration you need can vary depending on the power demands of your boat. If you are shopping for yourself, you can customize power receptacles to your precise needs. However, it's a good idea to leave yourself some room for extra plugs or different requirements if you upgrade your boat down the road. 

It can be helpful to consider some of the more popular outlet configurations on our Eaton power pedestals, including: 

  • The Hatteras with 30A/30A/20A, 30A/20A, 50A/30A, or 50A/20A receptacles 
  • The Harbor Mate with 50A/30A/20A or 30A/30A/20A outlets 
  • The Lighthouse with 30A/30A/20A or 50A/30A/20A receptacles 

Water Connections 

Adding water to a power pedestal is a popular option. It allows you to have fresh water for washing your boat and decks without dragging extra houses across the dock. Added hooks on some Eaton power pedestals make it simple to keep hoses coiled neatly, adding to your dock's neat appearance and functionality.  


Lighting is a popular feature of power pedestals. It improves safety and makes it easy to see your slip when returning late in the day. Plus, with 360-degree illumination, you'll never have to worry about fumbling to plug in or hook up a hose connection. Our Power pedestals have fantastic light features, including: 

  • Amber lenses to reduce the number of insects gathered near lights 
  • Optional clear and blue lenses for excellent visibility in almost any lighting condition 
  • Photocell control to ensure lights come on when needed 


In addition to Eaton power pedestals' many great standard features, you can customize your selection to include fabulous extras. Cable, internet, phone, and remote electric monitors are just a few options you can choose from when customizing your power pedestal.  

Safety Features 

All Eaton power pedestals meet all applicable wiring and safety codes. Available safety features make them suitable for residential and commercial applications. These include: 

  • GFCI outlets 
  • Ground fault monitors 
  • Engineered weatherproof construction 
  • Lockable doors 


Can TV, Cable, and Telephone Be Added to These Pedestals? 

Yes! Most Eaton power pedestals offer dual or single cable, high-speed internet, and phone connection, making them true multi-purpose connection hubs. Call us at (954) 462-9047 to discuss accessory options for each Eaton model.  

Are Eaton Power Pedestals Designed for Residential or Commercial Use? 

Our power pedestals are perfect for both residential and commercial applications. You can find a model to fit virtually any connection need depending on which model you choose. For example, the Lighthouse SS power pedestal is a commercial-grade unit designed to handle even the largest yachts, while the Hatteras is better suited to smaller residential docks.  

What Do Dock Power Pedestals Do? 

Dock power pedestals provide electric, water, and accessory connection in a central location at the marina. They make it simple for boat owners to recharge onboard batteries or access fresh water for cleaning tasks. Eaton pedestals also feature lights to improve dock safety.  

Are Eaton Power Pedestals Weatherproof? 

Every Eaton power pedestal is built with a weatherproof engineered resin enclosure that resists rust and weather damage. Each unit is guaranteed to provide safe, reliable power through the storms and harsh sun conditions typical of marine weather conditions.  

Contact Us to Choose the Right Pedestal 

Haven Dock & Marine has a fantastic selection of Eaton power pedestals for any dock environment. Shop our online store or contact us for personalized guidance in selecting the right pedestal for your needs. 

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