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PermaFloat® Dock Flotation

PermaFloat® Dock Flotation

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PermaFloat® Dock Floats offer dependable flotation for any dock system, whether new or existing. These foam-filled floats are built to withstand sun and marine elements. With a seamless, single-piece, rotationally-molded design that eliminates seams, these floats ensure durability and prevent leakage. Featuring a flat top design with molded-in mounting slots and holes, PermaFloats are easy to attach to any dock framework.

Key Features

  • Suitable for docks, jetties, and marinas, integrating seamlessly with various dock systems.
  • Made with heavy-duty expanded virgin polystyrene (EPS) foam, encapsulated in a 0.150" thick virgin polyethylene shell.
  • Resistant to marine environments with UV inhibitors and algae-resistant outer surface.
  • Single-piece, rotationally-molded construction eliminates seams, ensuring no risk of leakage or separation.
  • Features molded-in mounting slots and holes for easy attachment to any framework.
  • Backed by an exceptional 15-year manufacturer's warranty.

    Available Dimensions

    • 24"W X 36"L X 12"D Dock Float

      • Buoyancy: 332 lbs
      • Weight: 21 lbs
      • Volume: 6 cubic ft
      • Mounting slots/holes: 10

    • 48"W X 96"L X 16"D Dock Float

      • Buoyancy: 2,518 lbs
      • Weight: 108 lbs
      • Volume: 42.67 cubic ft
      • Mounting slots/holes: 16

    • 48"W X 96"L X 20"D Dock Float

      • Buoyancy: 3,092 lbs
      • Weight: 122 lbs
      • Volume: 53.33 cubic ft
      • Mounting slots/holes: 16


    Outer Shell: Seamless, rotationally-molded virgin linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE).
    Buoyancy Ratings: Tank tested with ratings +0/-5.
    Color: Black.
    Wall Thickness: 0.150" nominal.
    Interior: EPS foam filled (Expanded Virgin Polystyrene).
    Each dock float has a number of mounting slots or mounting holes to allow the use of bolts, washers, connectors, brackets, connector pins, and attachments.
    Backed by an exceptional 15-year manufacturer's warranty.