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What Are TideSlides?

TideSlides® mooring is a safe and effective way to tie up almost any boat while providing vertical movement so that you reduce the risk of harm coming to either your dock or vessel. With a stainless steel and marine-grade polyethylene construction, you've got a system that comes with virtually no maintenance and can withstand even the harshest marine conditions. Mount your TideSlides® safely to your marina so your boat can move with the tide as well as waves or wake, but never break free from your mooring block. Don't worry about any slack line, daily adjustments, or insecure tie-ups again. 



Benefits of TideSlides

You don't want damage to happen to your boat, marina, or equipment. It's time to choose the best mooring protection on the market. We recommend you select TideSlides® because of its incredible strength, designed to work with your equipment and keep operation simple and effective. Anyone visiting your marina or dock will be able to safely secure their vessel and avoid damaging your dock too.

TideSlide Features

Core benefits of the strong tie-up and mooring TideSlides® solution include:

  • Built-in line hook and securing options
  • Simple in & outline handling
  • Maintenance: none required!
  • Get rid of slack lines
  • Feel safe with self-adjusting protection to match your boat’s needs
  • Stainless steel construction with marine-grade polymers.
  • UV stabilized with a super-strong polymer mooring block

Shaft Sizing

  • 1" shaft: secure boats up to 30’ or as much as 12,000 lbs
  • 1 1/4" shaft: secure boats from 25’ to 38’ or between 10,000 and 20,000 lbs
  • 1 1/2" shaft:  secure boats 31’ to 50’ or 15,000 to 50,000 lbs
  • 1 3/4" shaft: secure boats from 40' to 65' or between 45,000 and 65,000 lbs
  • 2" shaft: secure boats from 51' to 80' or up to 125,000 lbs

Are TideSlides Hard to Install?

Many experts consider TideSlides (or tide slides) the most flexible and easy-to-use dedicated mooring system on the market, so they are a great option for your docking system.

TideSlides are simple to install. They’re often easier to install than conventional cleats and are ten times stronger!

Although most TideSlide installations are for one side only, you can install tide slides on almost any dock. Some examples include:

  • Only two units on one side
  • Three-point tying
  • Four corners tying

If you’re unsure about installation, one of our docking system professionals can help you determine the best position to get the maximum use out of them.

It’s important to note that the best time for installation is during mean low tide. This is especially true for longer units.

Where Do I Mount TideSlides on My Dock?

You can either lag bolt or thru-bolt the TideSlide unit to the side of your pole or piling. Side mounting is effortless and creates better access to your docking system. It eliminates the likelihood of boats and other water vehicles bumping into the tide slide while docking. Additionally, side mounting prevents the tide slides from taking up space in the slip.

A few tips for mounting your TideSides:

  • Mount TideSlides in direct relation to the gunnel or clear line of the boat
  • Only mount TideSlides on the pilings, poles, or seawall parallel to the boat
  • Never mount TideSlides in the mooring platform to avoid accidental boat contact

How to Mount Your TideSlides

All TideSlides will arrive with the mounting bolts you need. The standard size is 1/2” x 6” stainless steel lag bolts.

However, you can request thru bolts, which measure 1/2” x 18” stainless steel. Thru bolts are best for highly exposed areas and weak pilings. Use one thru bolt for the top and another for the bottom of the TideSlide during the installation process for best results.

When you’re ready to install the TideSlides, follow these steps:

  1. First, position the TideSlide on the side of the pole or piling. Based on your docking system, you may need to place it on a slight angle toward the slip. Don’t extend into the slip.
  2. Mount the bottom bracket of the TideSlide six to 12 inches below the cleat line or gunnel of the boat. The TideSlide should be positioned 12 to 36 inches above the water line.
  3. If necessary, use spacer blocks to separate cross braces or brackets away from the piling at the top and bottom of the TideSlide brackets.

Getting the positioning correct is essential so that your TideSlides can function as designed.

Tide slides use hydro-dynamic pressure principles to securely hold your boat in place without whips or fenders. The water’s pressure pushes your boat away from objects, such as your docking system or the seawall.

If you cannot mount the TideSlides yourself, you can always contact our docking professionals for assistance.

Are TideSlides Strong Enough to Hold My Boat?

Absolutely. Engineers designed and tested TideSlides for docks to meet the high standards of the United States Naval Mooring Codes, including the Navy’s Heavy Weather Mooring Standards.

In fact, they are heavy-duty enough that the United States Navy regularly uses TideSlides in various military applications.

But they work just as well for retail applications. The Heavy Duty Class (1” diameter) is ideal for boats up to 30 feet in length, and 12,000 pounds. The Heavy Yacht Class (2” diameter) is best for yachts that are 125,000 pounds and heavier.

However, TideSlides are available in diameters from 1” to 24”. They will be strong enough for any size watercraft you manage and can handle extreme weather, like hurricanes.

In fact, customers routinely express how well their TideSlides have held up after some of the most destructive hurricanes like Wilma and Irma.

Further, since TideSlides rotate on a solid 316 stainless steel shaft, you can use them for different boats in the same slip. This makes them just as convenient as they are durable. And because TideSlides don’t have slacklines, it’s much easier to tie them up.

What Are TideSlides Made Of?

TideSlides are made of solid 316L or 17-4PH stainless steel and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. This is a 100% UV-stabilized polymer plastic (heat-treated), which can withstand years of hard use, in the harshest conditions, with zero maintenance.

Unsurprisingly, they are the go-to product for docking professionals, municipalities, and governments.

How Long Should My TideSlides Be?

The standard sizes for tide slides range from four feet to 12 feet in length. However, you can customize your TideSlides up to 60 feet. To determine the length your mooring requires, answer these questions:

  1. What is the average tidal movement in your area?
  2. Do you experience tidal extremes? If so, what are they?

Based on the answers to these questions, one of our mooring experts can help you determine how long your TideSlides should be.

Here’s an example to consider to help you better understand.

Let’s say your average tidal flow is three feet, but during adverse events, such as a tidal wave, riptide, or hurricane, you have a foot-and-a-half negative and a one-foot positive tide. In this instance, your TideSlides should be five to eight feet long.

Also, remember that if you use several tide slides for multiple tie points, you’ll need to use multiple lines.

Contact Us for Assistance

Are you ready to get TideSlides for your docking system? Find your local Haven Dock & Marine dealer to get started! We’re available all business days at each location to help answer any questions about installing your new TideSlides.

During purchase, don’t forget to ask about any warranties. TideSlides often come with a three-year, 100% warranty for craftsmanship and defects.

If you’re ready to purchase TideSlide now from the comfort of your home, simply add the product to your cart on our website and checkout. Should questions arise during the installation process, you know who to call.

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