Lake Lite Solar Powered Lighted Cleat – 10″
Lake Lite Solar Powered Lighted Cleat – 10″

Lake Lite Solar Powered Lighted Cleat – 10″

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Never dock in the dark again. By supplying your marina or home hookup with lighting you can reduce risk and damage to your boat, dock, and all nearby equipment. Part of that lighting should always include cleats, making it easier for you to tie up. Turn to these solar-powered lighted cleats from Lake Lite to build you own beacon and have the perfect landing strip when you return late at night or early in the morning.
The 10" Aluminum Solar Cleat Light is built to provide you with proper lighting at night or when storms pick up, helping you secure your boat safely. Each cleat is made from anodized marine-grade aluminum specifically designed to protect the white LED lights inside and the surface solar panel. Units come with high-grade, replaceable batteries that can power the light for 14 to 18 hours on a full charge. Activated by darkness, you won’t need anyone to manually turn on these lights or make adjustments, so you and your customers can dock whenever needed. Don’t stub your toes at night either thanks to two brightness settings that give you a clear view of the dock or provide enough light to run a full-service dock. Each mounting hole is designed to work with standard hardware available on most docks and floating docks. Our solar cleats are rated for both freshwater and saltwater, with installation in either environment taking just a few minutes.