Broward Casting™ 4" Square  Post with Base for a Pagoda Light

Broward Casting™ 4" Square Post with Base for a Pagoda Light

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Set the perfect mood for your dock or deck with these Broward Casting™ 4″ square light posts with a broad base for sufficient support. Match the fixture to your current marina or use them as the perfect accent piece to stand out day or night. Square light posts maintain a traditional feeling and allow you plenty of customization options while still supporting standard marina-grade outlets. Note: Antique finishes (Rusty Iron and Patina) are slightly higher in price due to additional finishing process.
Broward Casting is the top name in cast aluminum dock and deck lighting. Its mainstay is the 4” square post that can be fitted with a single or double light fixture. Options for these models include single and double outlets, on/off switches, and support for a broad range of lamps to create the perfect effect. Select a height from 1’ to 9’ so that you can safely illuminate any space. These posts provide a pleasing way to make it easy for your guests, friends, and family to enjoy the outdoors, watch the fish at night, or safely bring their gear to and from a favorite boat.

Pagoda light is not included in this price