Broward Casting™ Double Wharf Light - New England
Broward Casting™ Double Wharf Light - New England

Broward Casting™ Double Wharf Light - New England

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Give your dock or marina the perfect New England feel to make any crabber at home with this double wharf light from Broward Casting – the go-to name in dock and marina illumination. These aluminum cast lighting fixtures provide top-rating protection and safety both against the elements and for anyone on your dock. You’ll protect people from slips, trips, and dangerous falls by illuminating the ground plus any ropes, hoses, clips, ties, or other hazards common on today’s decks and marinas. Available to fit both 4” square or 3” round posts, this double lighting fixture won’t leave anything to the imagination. The fully weatherproofed unit is also designed to minimize any harm that could lead to electrical concerns and will provide years of reliable service. And don’t forget to pair it with Aluminum lighting posts that can be made to support a variety of standard and decorative hose holders. Note: Antique finishes (Rusty Iron and Patina) are slightly higher in price due to additional finishing process.
Turn your patio, deck, dock, and outdoor areas into the perfect Northeastern getaway with this New England style double light from Broward Casting. Designed to call up feelings of rocky shores, cold beaches, and comfort by the fire, you’ll create the perfect statement with these stunning lights.
  • Lighting fixture options include:
  • Aluminum casting to prevent harm, rust, and damage that could lead to an electrical hazard.
  • On/off switch single outlets,
  • Double outlets,
  • Marine grade outlets in either 110 or 220 volts,
  • Support for 4” square and 3” round posts,
  • Simple mounting and installation.
These white lighting options will provide all the light you need to keep you and your guests in the clear, while maintaining the quality of the atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to create.