Copper Cone Piling Caps

Copper Cone Piling Caps

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Give your pilings the perfect top with these Copper Cone Piling Caps designed to create a pleasing and effective protective barrier between your wood pilings and the elements. By choosing a copper cone cap, your pilings will last longer and create a stunning patina as it is exposed to water, actually promoting a healthier piling that gives your marina or dock a classic maritime feel. Copper keeps its natural beauty while guarding your pilings, without being too heavy and causing damage like some materials can, These cone piling caps from Marina Products & Equipment come in diameters starting at 7.5” and moving up in quarter-inch increments to 13”. For the best fit, always order a cap that is 0.25” larger than your existing piling. So, that means a 9” piling will need a 9.25” cap. And the good news about copper is that the caps are malleable, so just a little tap can ensure a snug, effective fit.
Dock piling caps create significant protection for the wood, plastic, and other materials in your pilings by preventing the elements from reaching the most vulnerable spot: the piling top. Inclement weather can’t get past a strong copper cone piling cap. Give your marina a beautiful reliability with these copper cone caps that can withstand fresh and salt water, plus take on a patina over time that gives you the truly aquatic feeling and adds another layer of protection to your dock pilings. With caps like these, you can even greatly space out your pilings because they will last. Copper allows you to save money compared to other materials and get a strong long-term investment that minimized maintenance of your pilings. Tackle Sun, salt, wind, water, and the occasional boater with these stylish protections.

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