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Copper Nails 1 1/4"

Copper Nails 1 1/4"

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Ensure the best possible installation and maintenance of your copper piling caps with these 1 1/4" copper nails. Copper nails not only keep your piling caps securely in place but also promote a rich patina over time, enhancing your piling's resistance to the elements.

Key Benefits

  • Copper nails are resistant to common sea elements and weather, ensuring long-lasting performance and maintaining the aesthetic of your pilings.
  • As the nails oxidize, they contribute to the overall patina, improving the piling's resistance to harsh conditions without losing their luster.
  • The malleable nature of copper absorbs impact safely, making repairs and replacements simple and effective.

Available Quantities

  • Half-Pound Box: Ideal for small marina maintenance and installation projects.
  • Full-Pound Box: Perfect for keeping extras on hand for annual repairs or future expansions.


Size: 1 1/4"
Material: Copper