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Caps are the best way to top off a complete FEND-ALL dock and marina protection system. These caps can match your existing FEND-ALL bumper colors and come in a uniform size and shape to work with almost any system.

The great news is that you’re continuing the support and structure of your dock because caps offer the same structural support as the double-wall fenders they enclose. All caps are made with 100% certified UV resistant PVC, just like FEND-ALL bumpers, so you get complete protection without any weak points.

PVC has a brittle point of -7 degrees F and a melting point of 351 degrees, meaning they can take even the harshest climates around. And like all FEND-ALL® fenders, the caps are trademarked, patented and have a life expectancy of 10+ years.

Make sure you have everything you need with these FEND-ALL caps, sealing and protecting the important parts of your FEND-ALL system. Caps help your dock bumpers to keep their shape and maintain resilience this a little extra reinforcement.

Plus, you’re limiting any potential damage when a boat strikes the top of any FEND-ALL bumper. Just like the tops of fence posts that we’re all familiar with, FEND-ALL caps limit how much the weather can impact your bumper system and will help keep moisture and particles from seeping into your bumpers, maximizing their life.

Please note that many of the complete mounted systems will come with caps included, but unmounted pieces will NOT. So, make sure you’ve got everything you need to keep your deck system secure and limit the harm to your brand new FEND-ALL protection equipment.