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Fend-Off Fender light duty
Fend-Off Fender heavy duty
FEND-OFF® Dock Fenders

FEND-OFF® Dock Fenders

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These dock fenders not only provide maximum protection for a vessels hull, but will stand up to the harsh marine environment. The outer shell is made of flexible PVC with spun polyester fiber, which is attached to recycled plastic lumber. Fasteners are 316 stainless steel full annular ring shank nails. They are designed to provide a protective barrier between hard surfaces such as docks, seawalls, pilings, and the hulls of boats and yachts. They are available in black in standard lengths of 6’, 8’, 10’, and 12’. Custom fenders are available upon request.

  • Light Duty Fender for vessels to 35' mounted on 2x4' recycled plastic lumber. 
  • Medium Duty Fender for vessels to 80' mounted on 2x4'recycled plastic lumber. 
  • Heavy Duty Fender for vessels to 125' mounted on 4x4' recycled plastic lumber.