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Galvanized cleats are made of malleable, coated iron with an open base to make installation easy. Available in a variety of sizes including 8”, 10”, 12”, 15”, and 18”, these cleats are ideal for both horizontal and vertical mounting on piers and docks.

This product uses 3/8” hex bolts or lags for further ease of installation, providing a durable and secure hitching location for vessels in a range of sizes.


When it comes to secure hitches for vessels of all kinds, galvanized cleats provide a lasting, durable, and secure option for the marina. Made of galvanized, coated iron, these cleats are designed for easy mounting on either a horizontal or a vertical surface, and are suitable for any number of dock and pier materials. A variety of sizes means that there is an option for any setting, suitable for a wide array of different vessels and boats from light to heavy duty.

Cleats in general serve the purpose of being a secure place to tie a line, for the purposes of hitching a boat or yacht or other vessels. Nautical cleats come in a variety of configurations, all of which are intended to make secure fastening of ropes and lines easy and quick, since even vessels at anchor tend to move slightly in the water. Galvanized cleats are made of malleable iron, coated to resist the ravages of the environment: sun, water, salt, and other corrosive and degrading substances can gradually wear and rust many metals. These galvanized cleats are made with an open base, to provide for easy mounting with the use of 3/8” hex bolts or lags.

There are many options on the market for dock cleats; materials, design, and other considerations can make the prospect of choosing the correct cleats seem daunting at first for any marina or dock owner. Choosing galvanized dock cleats is a simple expedient, due to the fact that these products are made to last for a very long time, as well as to hold securely to the surface they are mounted onto. The particular design of these cleats ensures that they will not rust away, corrode, or break away from the dock at an inconvenient moment, causing damage to vessels and slips alike. While some dock cleats are made of lighter-weight materials including aluminum and nylon, galvanized cleats are heavier, to provide for not only greater durability but also a higher degree of stability for vessels moored at the slip.

In addition, the variety of sizes available for these galvanized cleats means that there is a range of options to provide adequate hitching facilities for boats of all sizes. It is important to consider the long-term usefulness of products such as these, and an informed decision will ultimately determine which dock cleats make the most sense for your marina, pier, or dock. With easy installation, stable design, and long-term durability, galvanized cleats make a great deal of sense for any marina owner who needs to provide secure and adequate mooring for boats of all sizes. These cleats are an excellent choice for a wide range of needs, and will not only give a sense of security that comes from the heavy iron construction, but also an aesthetic and tidy appeal for boaters who need to hitch their vessels to prevent unnecessary and potentially damaging movement.