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Large Dock Hose Holder
Large Dock Hose Holder

Large Dock Hose Holder

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Large Dock Hose Holder

Say goodbye to tangled hoses on the floor of your dock. Keep your dock or marina tidy and organized and remove the trip hazard of untidy hoses.

Keep Your Hoses Under Wraps


  • Holds 100ft of hose in a single location
  • Reduces risk of trip and fall
  • Encourages tidiness
  • Compact and efficient design
  • Strong and durable materials
    • Made with high-quality non-corrosive aluminum alloy
  • Optional faucet addition is available
  • Suitable for mounting on many surfaces at any height
  • Weatherproof
  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting
  • Large size to accommodate large hoses
  • A great addition onboard larger vessels or for home garden hoses

Large Dock Hose Holder Details

  • Fabricated using high-quality aluminum alloy 
  • Cast into a single piece for optimal performance
  • Available in aluminum alloy or white powder coat finish


Approximately 6 3/4"H X 6 1/8"W


How long will it take for the large dock hose holder to arrive?

Suppliers are usually well-stocked so contact your local supplier to inquire about their availability. Visit your local store or have your hose holder shipped to you within 7 days.

Where should I mount my large dock hose holder?

We recommend mounting your hose holder near the water source on your marina or dock to keep the hose neat, tidy, and easily accessible for users. The hose holder will fit perfectly to our dock stanchions available in various sizes.

Mounting requires three 3/16" fasteners.

What size hose can it store?

The large dock hose holder will comfortably hold 100ft of standard 1/2" hose. As the diameter of the hose increases, it will be able to hold less.