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A mooring whip system is an effective way to protect your boat from costly damage by keeping it at a safe distance away from your dock. Haven Dock & Marine provides two types of mooring whips—standard and heavy-duty—so that you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

All of our mooring whips are sold in pairs.

All mooring whips will be shipped with Take Apart Coupler for shipping purposes.

Standard Mooring Whips

Our standard mooring whips are made from solid, sea-worthy fiberglass and cut to specific lengths with a precise taper so that you can use them with a wide range of boats, vessels, and equipment setups. Every whip we provide is marine-grade, so you can use it in a variety of different scenarios no matter what’s mooring at your location. 

Choose between 12", 14", or 16" mooring whip lines to meet your most in-demand sizes and match them to your most common customers.

Product Features

The complete mooring kit includes:

  • Two standard bases
  • Two solid fiberglass poles
  • Two 1/4" nylon lines with tension adjusters
  • Four spliced dock lines
  • A wood dock mounting
  • Bolt kit and instructions



  • Protect boats up to 33" with a standard mooring whip


Heavy-Duty Mooring Whips

For heavier boats or larger tidal areas, a heavy-duty mooring whip system can provide the extra strength and durability you need. Our premium mooring whips use precision-ground, tapered fiberglass poles that are gel coated to match your dock’s look and feel while ensuring longevity.

Using marine-grade cast aluminum, our braces have a simple design that automatically adjusts for water and tide changes—making it easy to pull whips and secure them when not in use.

Plus, each whip is made with a three-inch snubber for additional strength. The vertical whip stand allows it to easily stay out of the way of your equipment, whether you use the 16", 18", or 20" models. 


  • Protect boats up to 75" with a heavy-duty mooring whip

Protect Your Boat with a High-Quality Dock Whip System

Your boat is an investment worth protecting, and mooring whips are an affordable and easy way to prevent damage from wind and wake. Our mooring whips:

  • Prevent your boat from bumping against the dock, but still keeps it close enough for easy access
  • Are easy to store when your boat is away from the dock
  • Are less bulky than a boat lift, giving you an unobstructed view of your vessel
  • Are made from marine-grade materials  

How Do Mooring Whips Work?

A mooring whip system pulls your boat a safe and convenient distance away from the dock (up to 33" with a standard mooring whip line and 75" with a heavy-duty line). Unlike mooring that is anchored underwater, mooring whips allow you to anchor your boat directly to a dock or marina using a sturdy base made from marine-grade aluminum.

Dock whips are often used with boat dock fenders to ensure the boat's safety with an extra layer of protection.

Order Mooring Whips Online

Haven Dock & Marina is a leading provider of high-quality mooring whips—if you have questions about our products or simply want to learn more, contact us or find a local dealer near you.