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Mooring Whips 

Mooring whips are practical pieces of marina equipment that position your boat away from the dock while moored. This ensures it does not get scratched or scuffed from bumping into the dock material. They consist of large, fiberglass poles and mooring lines. 

Haven Dock & Marine offers two types of mooring whips — standard and heavy duty — to ensure your boat is properly protected in its slip. All our mooring whips are sold in pairs and shipped with a Take Apart Coupler for shipping purposes. 

Standard Mooring Whips 

Our standard mooring whips are suitable for a wide range of applications. They securely hold your boat up to 33 inches from the dock, ensuring it doesn't incur damage from getting jostled by waves or wind. Our standard mooring whips are available in 12, 14, and 16-foot lengths to accommodate boats of various sizes and different dock configurations. 

We manufacture each one from high-quality materials, including solid, marine-grade fiberglass poles. We cut each one to your specified length, adding a precise taper to ensure they are compatible with a variety of boats and equipment setups. This ensures that no matter what type of scenario is at your marina, our mooring whips will securely hold your boat within easy reach yet at a safe distance from the dock. 

Product Features 

Haven Dock & Marine standard mooring whips hold boats up to 33 inches from the dock. Each Haven Dock & Marine complete mooring kit includes: 

  • Two solid fiberglass poles 

  • Two standard bases 

  • Two 1/4" nylon lines with tension adjusters 

  • Four spliced dock lines 

  • A wood dock mounting 

  • Bolt kit and instructions 

Heavy-Duty Mooring Whips 

Our heavy-duty mooring whips are for heavier vessels and boats in larger tidal areas. These form the basis of a more robust mooring system that can protect boats against damage. 

Our premium mooring whips feature tapered poles that we manufacture from marine-grade fiberglass that is precision ground to the desired shape and length. Each one is gel coated to ensure longevity and provide an attractive appearance. Additionally, the simple design of our marine-grade cast aluminum braces automatically adjusts for water and tide changes, which facilitates pulling and securing whips when not in use. 

Heavy-duty mooring whips are available in 16, 18, and 20-foot lengths to accommodate a wide range of vessels. Vertical stand mounting ensures the whips stay out of the way of other dock equipment. Additionally, each one features a three-inch snubber for additional strength. 

Haven Dock & Marine heavy-duty mooring whips extend to hold boats up to 75 inches from the dock. 

Benefits of Using Our High-Quality Mooring Systems 

There are numerous benefits of using fixed mooring systems. For example, they help preserve marine environments, protect vessels from dock damage, and keep your boat easily accessible. Additionally, when you choose mooring whips from Haven Dock & Marine, you have the advantage of products manufactured from premium materials and to the highest possible standards. 

Tying to a fixed dock eliminates damage to the seafloor caused by anchoring at a remote location. This preserves the characteristics and biodiversity of the seabed. However, direct tying leaves your boat exposed to the possibility of jostling against a fixed dock. 

Premium mooring systems from Haven Dock & Marine protects the investment you made in your boat. When properly used, mooring whips create a safety buffer between the boat and dock using fiberglass poles and mooring lines. This eliminates rubbing and scratching caused by tidal changes, wind, and waves. 

In addition to using appropriately sized mooring whips, you can further protect your boat with other features, such as dock fenders. This increases protection and acts as a backup if something were to go wrong with your primary protective device.  

How Mooring Whips Work 

Our mooring whip systems work by pulling your boat away from the dock. How far away it stays depends on the length of poles you choose. Our standard mooring whips can position boats up to 33 inches from the dock, while our heavy-duty whips can extend the space to 75 inches. The whips attach directly to a dock or marina with marine-grade aluminum bases, making it much more convenient than anchoring offshore. Nylon mooring lines secure the vessel between these anchor points. 

The combination of these components allows a vessel to sit within easy reach of the dock without being directly tied to it. This creates a safe buffer zone to accommodate changing water conditions. 

Components of Mooring Whip Systems 

There are three main components of a mooring whip system: dock mountable bases, fiberglass poles, and mooring and dock lines. 

Dock-mountable bases serve as an anchor point for the remaining components. They securely fasten to the dock surface with mounting hardware. We manufacture our bases from marine-grade aluminum to ensure years of reliable service in a harsh marine environment. 

We cut our tapered, solid fiberglass poles to the appropriate length for your vessel and dock configuration. They provide a fixed tying point to keep your boat close to the dock. 

Mooring and dock lines attach to the fiberglass poles, bases, and boat to securely fasten your boat in the desired position. 

Order Mooring Whips Online 

Mooring whips serve to secure boats in dock slips without allowing direct contact with dock materials. This protects against surface damage, such as scuffs and scratches, that can negatively impact your boat's appearance and value. They are available in standard and heavy-duty configurations and several lengths to accommodate boats of almost any size. 

To ensure your boat's safety, our mooring whips: 

  • Are designed and manufactured from premium, marine-grade materials 

  • Keep your boat close to the dock for easy access, yet far enough away to prevent contact damage 

  • Offer quick and easy storage when not in use 

  • Present a streamlined appearance that complements your marina's design and provides an unobstructed view of your vessel 

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