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Niagara™ Fish Cleaning Tables
Niagara™ Fish Cleaning Tables
Niagara™ Fish Cleaning Tables

Niagara™ Fish Cleaning Tables

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It’s time to make fish cleaning well, cleaner! With Niagara™ fish cleaning tables, you’ll get a constant flow of water to keep your surface clean and remove any fish remains as you’re working. That means an entire catch is easier to manage and you won’t need to wipe up your workstation in between each fish. Work uninterrupted and get to the best part – the cooking and eating! – that much faster. Not only do these tables use only FDA-approved materials, but they also have a non-porous surface with no cracks, grooves, or other spots for bacteria to grow. That means clean, safe, and sanitary fish are there for you and your guests.

“Niagara” Fish Cleaning Tables

With the same great materials and construction as our other Fish Cleaning Tables, the new “Niagara” Tables feature continuously running water to keep the cleaning surface free of fish remains. Rounded corners enhance the self-cleaning feature by preventing fish debris from lodging in corners.

Offered in standard sizes from 38” x 18” up to 72” x 24.” Custom tables are also available.

The two-leg design gives you added stability when mounting on your dock to prevent any slips or bumps from sending your fish or knife overboard. 

We recommend our four-leg models for added strength when attaching to the top or the substructure of your dock.

Knife racks and cup holders can be added to all of our fish tables.