Round Cone Piling Caps
Round Cone Piling Caps

Round Cone Piling Caps

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Conical piling caps are best suited to applications on the water where you want to keep birds and marine life off of your pilings, extending the life of each piling by years. Create the perfect seal with our complete lineup of LLDPE metallocene-based polymer caps that offer long life, superior flexibility, and dimensional consistency that limits intrusion and points of failure.
Plus, each small round cone piling cap is UV-stabilized so it won’t weaken in the Sun. These piling caps can last up to a decade or longer depending on your environment. Safeguard against all rot and harm for pilings of 4” to 9” in diameter.
You can choose from black, white, or green piling caps to best match your existing pilings that live in the harshest of marine environments. White and black piling caps range from 4” to 9.5” and we recommend you always order the next half size up based on your existing piling diameter.