Round Flat Piling Caps
Round Flat Piling Caps

Round Flat Piling Caps

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Give your pilings the perfect top with Superior Piling Caps from Marina Products & Equipment. These small, round flat piling caps protect expensive pilings from weather, damage, and internal rot by creating a strong seal that keeps out salt, water, and moisture. Each piling cap we provide is also UV-stabilized so it can last for a decade in the sunshine. Choose from white or black gel coatings to match the style of your dock, marina, or home launch. Every piling deserves significant security, and these caps are your nest option. Using a LLDPE metallocene-based polymer, our caps offer flexibility and strength to guard against the elements even when mounted with additional equipment like rod holders. Flat caps still deter birds but provide your crew and family with an easier time using and installing equipment as well as getting around your dock. Small caps range in sizes from 5.5” to 9.5”, coming in half-inch increments. When ordering your Superior Piling Caps, always choose a diameter that is a size up from your piling’s diameter.