Dock Hose Holder for Small Hoses

Dock Hose Holder for Small Hoses

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Trip no more with this handy dock Hose holder for your small hoses. This easy-to-mount solution can take up to 50’ of hose and keep your pathway clear plus make it easier to keep your dock tidy when boaters are finished. The quality non-corrosive aluminum body, with an optional white powder coated finish, allows you have a safe and effective solution that won’t become a danger or an eyesore over the years. Grab a set of 3/16″ fasteners to secure it properly, and you’re ready to hold that hose.
You’ve got a lot more important things to do than continually pick up hoses and move them off of walkways and drag them out of the water. Solve that issue in an easy and attractive way with these small dock line hose holders—perfect for up to 50’. Winding up a hose makes your entire dock safer and prevents harm to people or damage to your business. Give every boater a single location to put the hose back safely and free up your staff (or yourself) to take care of more important matters, like how best to cook up the day’s catch. And best of all, you don’t have to settle for an ugly hose hanging on the deck or an ugly mount cluttering up your dock. Each of these aluminum cast hose holders is resistant to rust and corrosion to prevent discoloration. You can also opt for a white powder finish that matches today’s more common nautical themes. Mount your hose holder wherever you need, from beside your popular slips and near maintenance floats to right where the kids come in with kayaks, canoes, paddleboats, and more. Take care of all of your equipment and look great while doing it.