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Underwater Lighting - Deep Glow
Underwater Lighting - Deep Glow
Underwater Lighting - Deep Glow
Underwater Lighting - Deep Glow
Underwater Lighting - Deep Glow

Underwater Lighting - Deep Glow

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Illuminate Your Dock With Stunning Deep Glow Underwater Lights

Turn the water near your dock into your own personal aquarium with the Deep Glow underwater lighting system. These ultra-durable lights are designed to enhance the safety of your dock or marina while attracting a wide range of fish species—order yours today!

Deep Glow Underwater Light Features

  • 60% brighter than other dock lights
  • Illuminates a diameter of up to 30ft
  • Environmentally safe 
  • Can be used in saltwater or freshwater 
  • Easy to retrieve for maintenance and cleaning
  • Reduces marine growth by directing heat and light towards the lens
  • Attracts fish and other wildlife 
  • Designed to land right side up when tossed into the water
  • Can illuminate your entire dock area for an aesthetically pleasing effect
  • Enhances security around your dock

Durable and versatile, you can use Deep Glow underwater lights anywhere—docks, seawalls, piers, marinas, or anywhere else you want to illuminate the water at night. 

Whether you're looking to attract gamefish like tarpon and snook or just want to add some personality to your dock, Deep Glow underwater lighting is top of the line.

Product Details

Our Deep Glow underwater lights are engineered with high-quality, durable parts designed to withstand harsh conditions. They are crafted with:

  • Stainless steel wing nuts and bolts
  • Heavy-duty ¼ inch leans for durability 
  • Energy-efficient 150-watt lamp 
  • Water-tight rubber O-ring for protection
  • Available in green, blue, or white 
  • Comes with 30' of cord

Designed to Withstand the Toughest Conditions

Deep Glow underwater glow lights are some of the toughest lights on the market. They resist damage from casting nets, waves, and even combat marine growth.

With an average life of 5,500 hours, these patented underwater lights stay bright even after years of nightly use.

The Most Powerful Underwater Lights on the Market Today

Deep Glow lights are up to 60% brighter than other underwater lights. They can illuminate a circle of up to thirty feet in diameter, improving visibility and protecting your boats from damage. 

Have you ever wondered why so many underwater lights are green? That's because green light travels farther underwater than other colors, attracting more light-seeking plankton at night. The food chain takes over from here—the small plankton attract baitfish like shrimp or minnows, and the baitfish attract larger fish.

In addition to green, Deep Glow lights also come in blue and white, which are also good at attracting fish. Some may find these alternate colors go better with their dock's style.

Order Online or Find a Dealer

If you need a premium yet affordable lighting system for your dock or marina, the Deep Glow Underwater Lighting System might be the perfect choice. Order yours today, or find a local dealer to learn more about this superior lighting solution.

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