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High Profile Dock Box

Rough Water Dock Box - High Profile Dock Box

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Put all of your storage where it’s easy to reach with this high-profile dock box. Make it easy for everyone to pick up and store what they have, without the risk of cluttering up your beautiful deck or dock. Our selection makes it easy to deliver a clean, inviting environment that still holds everything your guests need for a great time on the water. Marina Products & Equipment is here to help you store any of your larger objects with this beautiful rough water dock box that features sleek, rounded edges and safe domed lids. They stay out of the way until you need them and are then ready with protect goods. Each box features properly coated edges to reduce risk and interior black webbing to simplify your storage. Get the option that’s right for you with one of our four sizes below, and feel safe with your purchase thanks to a 5-year manufacturer warranty.
Give your dock the clean storage it needs to prevent clutter and reduce the risk of trips, slips, falls, and other dangers. Whether you’ve got a commercial operation or just a home launch, you need a safe and secure place to put your gear. That’s why we provide multiple options for the C&M high-profile dock boxes, all with more than enough room to store dive tanks in an upright position, plus plenty of other adventuring gear. Ask us about custom options like our 6-pack dive tank storage rack too! Everything comes properly secured, with coated edges and S/S louvered vents to keep things secure. Choose from our 4 amazing high-profile dock boxes: 50″W x 29″D x 33″H   Wt. 80lbs 60″W x 29″D x 33″H   Wt. 95lbs 70″W x 29″D x 33″H   Wt. 125lbs 80″W x 29″D x 33″H   Wt. 145lbs

~Current lead time for all dock boxes is about 6-8weeks~

* Dock boxes can be ordered in custom colors, contact for pricing and details.