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Secure marina boats up to 30" or as much as 12,000 lbs. with this proven safe, secure, and strong mooring system: TideSlides. Marina Products & Equipment is proud to give you access to a hurricane-proven system for your small boats, no matter what your tie-up situation is. Reduce your cleats and risks from slack line with a new platform that doesn’t require much time or maintenance. TideSlides provide a safe, secure way to tie-in while minimizing line handling errors. It’s easy to mount on pilings so you’re providing the maximum flexibility to protect both boats and docks. For your small boats and simple installation requirements, you won’t find anything better. Use the button below to add the TideSlides to your marina and get impressive results soon. Contact us to learn about other options including diameters: 1.75″, 2″, 2.5″, 3″ and 4”—and lengths up to 144″. Our pricing and mooring experts are standing by—ready to hear from you!
Give your marina the protection it needs from boats as tides change or when you’re dealing with wake and waves through the smart and adaptable TideSlides platform. These 1” shaft options can help you secure boats up to 30” or 12,000 lbs.–with a platform that we’ve seen successful even in hurricane conditions. Let the mooring do all the challenging work for you and eliminate hazards like slack line by selecting this TideSlides option. TideSlides from Marina Products & Equipment offer a wide range of benefits and solutions, including:
  • Built-in line hook and securing options
  • Simple in & out line handling
  • Hurricane-proven strength
  • Maintenance: None required!
  • Get rid of slack lines
  • Feel safe with self-adjusting protection to match your boats’ needs
  • Stainless steel construction with marine-grade polymers.
  • UV stabilized with a super-strong polymer mooring block
TideSlides works on any tie-up slips, side ties, or floating docks. Plus, we offer packages specifically designed to work with your marina. Let’s customize an offering for you. Call us today to tell us exactly what you need and we’ll get the right TideSlides package ready for you!